Argumentative Essay On Global Warming Thesis

Argumentative Essay On Global Warming Thesis-2
In addition, studies show that political beliefs cloud our ability to process information.Strong political beliefs can cause us to look at one side of an issue and ignore the evidence.

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Now I try to put my reactions aside and look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion. Governments often make policy decisions by starting with a social objective and then bring in the “facts” to justify the goal (think of the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, Prohibition, the War on Drugs, and others).

We shouldn’t be surprised to find social agendas driving at least some of the “science” of global warming.

We should try to avoid shortcuts and look directly at the data.

Forecasts are mental constructs; they are not properties of the physical world. In most cases, the size of the error bars (uncertainty) around the number is more important than the number itself.

The Greenhouse Effect In this section, I focus on CO2 because it’s regarded as the main greenhouse gas after water vapor.

Looking at the 750-million-year graph below, we see some extreme cold periods, then warm epochs punctuated by ice ages, all while CO2 (yellow) was far above what it is today.

No one has demonstrated any unnatural damage to reef or marine systems.

Additional man-made CO2 will not likely harm oceans, reef systems, or marine life.

Incoming solar radiation is the primary driver of temperature.

A second factor is the atmosphere, which traps heat and reflects some of it back to earth. I’ll start with the familiar greenhouse-gas model and then present a more accurate picture based on solar activity.


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