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You may not be required to write an outline as a part of your argumentative essay, but you still should do it.Even if it seems to you a waste of time, don’t skip outline before writing an argumentative essay. Students used to think of an outline as of mandatory part of the paper. But rather writing technique that will help you arrange ideas and logically distribute them in an argumentative essay.

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To make the job easier, you can create an outline draft with short phrases, and then, when it’s time to finish the outline, you can expand those short phrases into full sentences to give the readers a better idea on the content they’ll find in your work.

The final, fifth step of creating your argumentative essay outline is very important: you need to present the information that supports your thesis.

Don’t make your topic too broad, since the format of an argumentative essay won’t allow you to thoroughly cover it, but don’t try to narrow down the topic too much.

You can always scale down the area of your research and reserve the broader scope of the topic for your other works.

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We explain how to write argumentative essay outline in 5 easy steps. Submit your instructions and forget about looming deadlines - you will receive your neatly written work just in time. The next step is you figuring out and formulating the purpose of your essay.Determine what you are trying to achieve and how you want to meet your objectives.However, in reality an outline for an argumentative essay can be the most helpful thing you do in preparation for completing the assignment.There are many different ways to view the outline, but it’s definitely much more than a sketch of your future work.Setting a clear purpose for your work will help you stay on topic and maintain a logical structure of the work.At this stage of your creative process you can also write a thesis statement – even if it’s not required, it will give your paper a more polished and scientific look.The variety of sources you can use is nearly unlimited: you can choose from books, journal articles, quotes, pictures, and even your personal experience, as long as it’s absolutely relevant and can effectively support your views.Note down your sources and ideas as you go, so that no piece of information is left behind.The evidence supporting your statements gives the readers an impression that you’ve done a lot of work in the preparation for the writing and are ready to defend your point of view.There are different approaches to presenting supporting evidence, and the choice can depend not only on your personal preferences on the matter, but also the type of work you’re writing.


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