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If Good embodies perfection, there is no possibility for creating imperfect world and, therefore, bad actions and vices are created for sufficient reason as well.

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According to Leibniz’s philosophy, the best possible world is the one which harmonizes social relations and generates goodness and perfection.

The harmonious world relies on metaphysical goodness that is typical of all lifeless creatures.

In this case, God’s virtuous nature and perfect goodness make him create the best world rather than vicious one.

The presence of choices the Creator faces indicates His freedom.

Therefore, a morally good individual should have available methods for performing the best action.

At the same time, he/she is also free not to do anything good because of the possibility of choice.On the one hand, God personifies an absolute goodness, which implies developing the best of all possible worlds.On the other hand, the freedom of choices admits the possibility that God can choose inferior world.So, the Creator is responsible for the harmonious because He has a sufficient reason for it.Hence, the genesis of the world is not due to the necessity, but to God’s genuine moral nature, which is sufficient for the existence of the best possible world.However, the world is full of inconsistencies and imperfections and, therefore, the existence of the best possible world refutes the idea of God’s perfection.It also rejects any wrong and evil actions because goodness, particularly moral goodness, admits the possibility of bad and good actions as a part of a human being.If there is a chance that God had to choose between these two variants, the last variant should be the most obvious.Certainly, a world with living creatures observing moral rules should be better than the one in which these principles are absent.The harmonious world should also satisfy the simplicity criterion and introduce happiness and beauty.Because harmonious world is based on metaphysical goodness and therefore, individuals living in this world should practice virtue for the glory of God.


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