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However, it’s important that you respond to applicants to let them know you received their applications but they aren’t a good fit for the position.

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Candidates might ask you why they didn’t get the job.But, don’t make them think the job is a sure-fire thing.Overpromising gives candidates a false sense of hope and can leave them blindsided if your client doesn’t pick them.There might be dozens or hundreds of job applications, but you will only extend the job offer to one person. When job applications start flooding in, it can be overwhelming.Narrowing down applicants is naturally the first step before you pass on candidates to your client.Some experts agree that once you interview candidates, you should call them with the bad news.If the candidate doesn’t get to the interview stage, then you can email them.Store their information in your ATS software for recruitment agencies and reach out to them if you think they’re a good fit for a future job.You can also refer candidates in your candidate pool to other recruiters.And if your client has made a decision that isn’t in a candidate’s favor, let them know. When the time comes to reject candidates, you need to decide how to approach them.Is rejecting a job applicant better to do over email or phone?


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