Apa Research Paper On Anorexia Nervosa

People with anorexia may repeatedly check their body weight and engage in techniques to control their weight, such as intense and compulsive exercise or abuse of laxatives, enemas, and diuretics.

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An intense fear of gaining weight and of being fat may become all-pervasive.

In early stages of these disorders, patients often deny that they have a problem.

However, restoring a person to normal weight or temporarily ending the binge-purge cycle does not address the underlying emotional problems that cause or are made worse by the abnormal eating behavior.

Psychotherapy helps individuals with eating disorders to understand the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that trigger these disorders.

In many cases, eating disorders occur together with other psychiatric disorders like anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder and alcohol and drug abuse problems.

New evidence suggests that heredity may play a part in why certain people develop eating disorders, but these disorders also afflict many people who have no prior family history.For young adults, this may involve leaving home for college.For older women, similar life transitions—such as returning to work after raising a family, finding a new job, or separation and divorce—can precipitate symptoms of an eating disorder.Temperamental factors such as perfectionism and obsessional traits in childhood are also associated with eating disorders.Due to the increased prevalence of anorexia among first-degree relatives of those with the disorder, as well as in identical twins (relative to fraternal twins), biology and heredity seem to play an important role in developing risk for the disorder.Studies on the basic biology of appetite control and its alteration by prolonged overeating or starvation have uncovered enormous complexity; in time, their findings may lead to new pharmacologic treatments for eating disorders.Scientists suspect that multiple genes may interact with environmental and other factors to increase the risk of developing these illnesses.Eating disorders are illnesses in which the people experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions.People with eating disorders typically become pre-occupied with food and their body weight.The process of restricting becomes a preoccupation and is often obsessive in nature.They may avoid what they perceive as high caloric food and meals, picking out a few foods and eating only these in small quantities, or carefully weighing and portioning food.


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