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Because one does not need to attend 15 weeks of lecture, write papers, and read as many books and articles as customarily assigned in the regular GOV 312L classes, this test will be graded more stringently than an ordinary final in GOV 312L.The UT Austin Test for Credit in GOV 312L will be a more advanced and detailed version of exams typically given in GOV 310L courses.Generally, an essay should have three distinct parts.

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The questions will deal broadly with the basic institutions, processes, and policies of both the state and national governments.

Students will find it useful to consult the following documents from which test items may be directly drawn: The main thing you need to understand in answering an essay question is what is being asked.

), the questions you are likely to encounter on this exam will be more demanding.

They will ask you not only to demonstrate command of facts, of details you may remember from your reading, but also to put those facts together in a well organized and convincing argument about important interpretive or normative issues.

Registration Fee: The total of the fees for the test is $85.

When you register for a test, you will immediately be billed for the non-refundable test registration fee of .It is a more demanding version of the CLEP Exam in American Government, the AP Exam in Government and Politics, and the UT Austin Test on Texas Government, which are used for credit by examination for GOV 310L.The examination is graded by regular Department of Government faculty; therefore, there is no point in wasting your time taking the examination if you have not read the assigned books carefully and developed considerable mastery of the material.Graders for this question would expect the student to know a great deal about the primary system (when it was first introduced, what it replaced, how quickly it spread, how it operates, the major criticisms and defenses of it) and about the so-called decline of political parties (what is involved in the decline of parties, what indicators might suggest such a trend, how long parties have been in decline, what the consequences are, good or bad, of such a development, etc.).This, however, is simply the beginning: the primary purpose of the question is to see if you can use your knowledge of primaries and political parties to consider the claim involved in the first sentence of the question: namely, that the rise of the primary system is itself a major cause of the decline of parties. What alternative explanations for the decline of parties can you suggest?Almost any question you may encounter on an exam will open up a number of related issues.It is important that you exercise discipline to avoid being lured into a tangential discussion that is not directly pertinent to the question.To accommodate students who wish to satisfy a part of their course requirements for US government outside of normal classroom work, the department offers the option of credit by examination.The GOV 312L course for which credit by examination is available is called “US and Texas Government and Constitution.” You should expect to answer three broad essay questions.Someone in the Department of Government will read your essays.If you pass all three essays, you will be awarded credit for the examination.


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