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Business leaders have created many varieties of this PM methodology, but remain consistent with these general components: The Waterfall method best suits teams in manufacturing and construction that create physical products and follow precise assembly orders.They can easily copy plans from previous projects and apply them to their current work with little or no adjustment.Beginnings of Agile Agile project management is widely used by Information Technology professionals for software development. In the earlier stages of development the norm was to use “heavy” methodologies such as Waterfall or Spiral for software development.

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Also this allows the stakeholders to see and feel the project instead of merely seeing a project plan and waiting until the end to see it work.

This is done by planning iterations to get the working code to the customer.

Today’s business leaders rely on a vast array of project management methodologies.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by this wealth of options, learn the highlights of each and make an informed choice for your business.

CPM managers make strings of tasks that each depend on the other.

These sequential items form a team’s critical path.The project manager must empower his team to make their own decisions; this enables the team to be accountable and take pride in the work they’ve done together.The second value is Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation.For example, once workers have laid a foundation and raised the frame of a house, they can conduct a number of non-dependent tasks: plumbing, electric, cabinetry, etc.However, carpet installers should wait until everyone else has finished their tasks and left the house clean and dust-free.Another major area for exploration is that the role of an Agile Project Manager is not well-defined and it is even controversial among some people in the Agile community that there is such a role.Check out some of the online Agile Project Management training I've developed in the Agile Project Management Academy and it may give you some ideas.This led(The Agile Alliance) The Four Values The first Value, Individuals and Interactions over Process and Tools, is built upon close and constant communication among the team members including the customer.This means that even though Agile does use process and tools to complete the project, the emphasis is on people working together to solve the problems.With this knowledge, you can understand the lingo other managers use, analyze their methods, and emulate their best practices!Many businesses use the Waterfall Method, the simplest way to plan a project.


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