Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Family Essay

But you always have to consider a few very important things: If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are ready to add another child to the family but if you hesitated on even one of these questions, think carefully.Remember, that the number of your children does not define who you are as a parent.

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Most couples who get married or decide to live together generally plan to have children.

Several years ago, having big families was common and this was seen as an advantage.

There are so many dysfunctional families these days because of broken relationships ” between couples and between parent and child.

That is why it is imperative that parents are equipped to raise children.

This was mainly because children began working at an early age to help provide for the family.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Family Essay

But with the changing times and with the cost of living getting higher every single year, having a big family is no longer considered to be a practical option.In fact, more couples are now considering having only one child and some do not have any desire to become parents at all. These days, most families in Australia have two children. Census Bureau states that there are approximately 14 million only children in America today.According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, by 1986, women aged 40 to 44 years, “were considerably more likely to have given birth to two children than three children (36% vs. However, taken together, women were still more likely to have had three or more children than to have had two children (46% vs. In recent years, “women were more likely to have had two children than three or more children ” a trend that was most marked in the most recent period (38% vs. But the number of women who had given birth to a single child increased progressively from only 8% in 1981 to 13% in 2006. This comprises 20% of the children’s population compared to only 10% around fifty years ago.An only child gets very attached to his/her parents and has a great relationship with them.2.An only child gets the best in everything ” material things and otherwise.3.Like any other experience, it is best to feel your way through this one.Even if you’ve read all the available material about parenting, you will learn much more.Let us highlight some of the major differences between them so you can judge for yourself if the solution to your career problems should include a move from one to the other.Advantages of Working for a Giant A company the size of IBM has many advantages.Despite the wealth of information that we have at our fingertips however, there is no perfect way of raising a child.Even if you grow up in a loving family ” that is not a guarantee you will have the same success when it’s your turn to raise your child.


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