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Now, he is completely frustrated to his deeds realizing its futility.There is no way out so he suffers quiet in the corner of a circus as a refugee. Hence, the hollowness of human existence is depicted through the untimely and futile death of the artist.His shadowed identity in a corner of circus completely vanishes after replacing old panther in his cage.

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The artist feels bore to be captivated in the cage slowly and gradually however, he tries his best to entertain visitors.

In the story, Kafka describes people's reaction on an artist which can be generalized to everyone's life.

A Hunger Artist depicts the story of the world famous performer who performed the act of fasting for more than forty days at a time.

The story is told from the perspective of unsatisfied, frustrated and alienated protagonist who does so difficult task for the sake of his identity.

In this respect, the hunger artist alienates from the world.

Thus, Kafka depicts the real human suffering dragging his character to the extremity of mental dissatisfaction.However, the identity was never revealed, people were compelled to face every miseries.' A Hunger Artist', hence, depicts the reality of his time having a hunger artist as its hero.In this respect, the story projects tragedy of human life resembling with the blind fate of the hunger artist.There are many parallels and differences between Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and "A Hunger Artist".It is very difficult to satisfy our soul even though we seem happy.The artist is absurd hero who symbolizes the true picture of modern world.During Kafka's time the First World War was going on so people were very much depressed.The sense of identity was on the top most position.After forty two days of his fasting people lose their interest on artist.Gradually, sympathetic support begins to fall down.


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