A Good Thesis Statement For Road Rage

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Stress is also related to these drivers who take out their anger on others.

Such aggression involves shouting obscenities, and vulgar expressions that include the ever so popular middle finger. The road rage motorist is obviously not aware of the tickets and fines they will receive because of their catastrophic driving habit.

Road rage and aggressive driving may be similar to some, however the characteristics of the two are in fact different.

“In our state of Florida police use a wide variety of non-traditional vehicles and a plain clothes officer’s to record violations with a radar unit and to relay information to patrol vehicles in the area” (Rathbone 15).

Also to help understand road rage is a problem people have because of their attitude and they bring harm to others.

Publication: The Eagle, Naples Daily News, or a free public postmaster on any internet resource.First start to solving road rage would be to educate the public and schools.Ways cities could adopt to educate the public would be to make T.This anger that these ragers bring to our roadways cause accidents in which many cases turn out to be fatalities.When someone gets cut off while driving it shows the lack of responsibility they actually have.All it takes is a sudden movement of someone else's wheels, and within seconds a normally mild mannered motorist is consumed with that red eyed anger that grabs more of us every day.Road Rage, something that has always simmered on the back burner of motoring America, is now going off like fireworks.Road Rage Road rage doesn’t just happen in the United States or just to people you don’t know.Road rage is widespread it happens all over the world where cars are used. There are many different ways we can educate and help stop road rage occurrences.Some solutions would be to educate school students when they get their licenses.Also educate the public with billboards, commercials, radio commercials and others.


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