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According to the book, Nash hears voices that tell him what to do, but he does not have visual hallucinations.Since this paper is based on the movie, this paper will use the visual hallucinations as a symptom of Nash's illness.

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Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, and grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior (American Psychiatric Association, 2000, section 295). His closest friend, Charles, exists only in Nash's mind and is not a real person.

Nash also displays disorganized behavior, although in his mind, it is organized..

In fact, one of the problems with schizophrenia is that the patient believes that he or she has overcome the disease and no longer needs to take medication or seek treatment.

When the patient stops treatment, the symptoms reoccur, as they did for Nash.

To those around him, Nash had lost his motivation to complete his dissertation and, later, to be a teacher.

In reality, Nash was preoccupied with his delusions.As portrayed by Russell Crowe, Nash showed all of these symptoms.His avolition, like his disorganization, was a matter of perspective.Perhaps a genius mind would be able to overcome this cycle and choose not to follow the hallucinations and delusions. The prognosis would be much worse if the patient stopped treatment.Nash explained the he stopped taking his medication because he couldn't have sex with his wife.However, Nash won a Nobel Prize for developing a theory which showed that Adam Smith was not necessarily correct.Thinking that he was smarter than Einstein and Smith, or, for that matter, his instructors at Princeton, was not necessarily delusional behavior for John Nash.The movie does not go into great detail about Nash's early life.There is no mention of schizophrenic behavior in Nash's parents or in any relatives, and genetic science in the 1950s was not as developed as it is today.For example, as Nash's illness progresses and he becomes more involved in his hallucination that he is breaking codes for the CIA, the walls of his office become covered in newspaper clippings and pages from magazines.To any one else, this would look like a disorganized mess. The delusional behavior is less obvious, at least at first. Ordinarily, making statements like "Einstein was wrong" or that "Adam Smith (the 18th century economist whose theories are the cornerstone of capitalism) was wrong" would be considered a sign of a delusion of grandeur.


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