6 Step Problem Solving Model

Then, when problems do occur, we know exactly what steps to take to help ensure that our solution really will “make it go away.” While there are different variations to an SPS (, etc.), they all follow the same basic steps. Define the Problem It is important to write a problem statement that is easily understood and is stated purely in terms of measurable or observable symptoms.At this point, there should be no mention of suspected causes or possible solutions. A good problem statement might look something like this: “High (greater than 8 ppb) trace metals in one of our hardmask products are causing unacceptably high defect counts with our most important customer.

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The statistical tools help us make data-based decisions at various points throughout the model.

We will lose this business if we cannot correct the problem by the end of the year.” 2.

Describe the Current Situation We do this by examining data that is readily available.

c) When everyone believes that there is a problem to solve.

The first step in the model is to define the problem; it does not matter if it is late shipments, stock outs, computer downtime, typos, lost messages, or an agreed upon "red bead" that everyone keeps running into.


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