5 Paragraph Essay Aliens

As science and understanding of the natural world advanced and were accepted as just animals, science-fiction writers seemed to feel more freedom of imagination.

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The intelligent aliens in (1979) by Douglas Adams are patently so dumb it is hard to imagine them developing space flight in the first place.

Contrast them with Adams’s mice, the hyper-intelligent superbeings that built Earth in the first place.

The planet Solaris is studied by scientists, but the planet is studying them back.

In less than a century, aliens have evolved from Wells’s trilateral brains to intelligent planets.

There is life on the moon and it is described in a scientific manner (apparently—I haven’t read the book).

My earliest encounter with an otherworldly lifeform was in by the bishop Francis Godwin, published 1638.

Norman Bean published a serial story from February 1912 through to July that same year.

Called (1920) by David Lindsay features a made-up planet (Tormance) orbiting the real Arcturus, which is a double star system, consisting of stars Branchspell and Alppain Olaf Stapledon created an entire universe in , published in 1937.

Dreamers and readers have always been fascinated with the idea of the otherworldly, the extraterrestrial, the alien.

So long as we have been telling stories, those stories have contained life beyond what is seen—be they gods, monsters, or, for the purposes of this essay, aliens.


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