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Personally I believe militarism to be the most important long term cause and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand to be the most important short term cause.In the first paragraph I will cover the most important long term cause, militarism.After a successful invasion or the defeat of belligerents, the occupying forces often took war booty, land on top of their list (Baker 23).

-- The three most important points of Halloween can be summed up by looking at its origins, how it came to include jack-o-lanterns and bobbing for apples, and how it is celebrated today with trick-or-treating and haunted houses.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve, has originated from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samahin ("sow-in") derived from the Old Irish Samuin meaning "summer's end".

In Source 1 and 2 they tell how it should go because it’s apart of American history.

Based on the sources the pros for keeping black history are that we have more ’, was a philosophical and intellectual movement which ruled the school of thought of 18th century Europe, the ‘Century of Philosophy’.[footnote Ref:3] The Enlightenment era gave space to ideas and ideals such as those of liberty, tolerance, progress, fraternity and with relation particularly to this essay, Enlightenment saw the beginning of separation and division of Church and the State.[footnote Ref:4] [3: Hourly History, The Age of Justin Nyaribo 1 Name: Justin Nyaribo Professor: Richard Tristano Course: Global History Date: 9/7/2017 The Problem of Land, Conquest and Tiberius Gracchus For centuries, there has been a direct correlation between conquest and the issue of land.

Yet less than six months after his nonviolent resistance to British rule won independence for India, he was assassinated by a religious fanatic.

Gandhi was one of the gentlest of men, a devout and Mongol Essay (#2) World History AP Genghis Khan took his place as the Mongol ruler near the end of the 12th century, and he conquered many regions including Eurasia.

But people today are considering if black history should stay or go.

In the sources 3 and 4 they speak about how the month should stay because we haven’t finish learning about it thoroughly.

The first two paragraphs will be the brief summary of the book.

Later on, two issues raised from the book are going to be examined in the rest of the essay.


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