2d Design Assignments

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Calculate the difference for both pairs of circles. To get rid of the white lines around the circles you have to calculate the union of the parts with the same color.

For the last step you have to create 2 circles with a diameter of 10mm, color the correctly and fit the into the holes.

Please relate these images to the concepts of Shapes and Space discussed this week in class. Workday on asymmetrical digital collage projects in class. Homework: Finish digital collage projects for next class.

Week Seven – (im)Balance and (a)Symmetry 10/7 – Scan textures in class. Please relate these images to the concepts of Color and Design discussed this week in class 10/9 – Work on digital collage projects (symmetrical and asymmetrical) in class. Work on home collage projects Week Eleven – Content and Design – “Home” Collage 11/4 – Process and Chance Projects due.

You also can calculate the difference and the union of object.

To do so select the object and open the path-menu at the top. Here the difference of the circle and the rectangle from the previous picture was calculated.in room AHUM230 Downloadable syllabus:2D_fall13_syl Class Projects and assignment sheets Week One – Line 8/26 – Introductions. Introduce Textural Gestalt Inspired by Art Historical Composition project. Review syllabus, materials list, sketchbook info Homework: Bring supplies to next class! Homework: Finish two value scales in your sketchbook. Week Fifteen – Final Projects 12/2 – Workday 12/4 – Work day on final projects.A raster-based image is composed out of pixels, which are aligned in a raster.Course work includes lecture, demonstration, studio work and critique for both art majors and non-art majors. Please relate these images to the concepts of gestalt theory discussed this week in class. Week Six – Figural Silhouettes (Individual Projects) 9/30 – Work day on Figural Silhouettes projects. Week Nine – Visual Storytelling (cont.) 10/21 –Work day in class on Visual Storytelling Projects – character development and design. 10/23 – Visual Storytelling Projects In progress critiques. During the Fall 2013 semester, I will be teaching 2D Design on Mondays and Wednesdays from am – p.m. 9/11 – Work day on Textural Gestalt Projects in class. Week Four – Shapes and Space – Negative/Positive, Organic/Geometric 9/16 – Work day on Textural Gestalt Projects in class. For example it can calculate vector out of bitmap pictures. To draw a rectangle click on the rectangle button on the left and click on the canvas. To change the color select the rectangle and click on the desired color at the bottom (2).To move around on the canvas use the bar at bottom and on the right. At the top (2) the size of the rectangle can be set precisely by altering the numbers to the desired height and width in mm. Align the objects by each other by open the Align-menu by pressing Shift Ctrl A. By clicking Center ond vertical/horizontal axis the midpoints of both objects will be aligned to reach other.Code 470200- Grades 10,11,12- All Year- 1 Credit Students in this class will further develop the knowledge and skills achieved in Art Foundations.Emphasis will be placed on design and compostion skills through the application of the elements and principles of design.


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