2 Thesis Library System

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It has also brought about the existence of other alternative information providers serving as competitors of the library in the information market place.

More so, the capabilities and capacities of technology have increasingly transformed libraries into a virtual place.

The relationship between the library and computer is constantly changing that the use of computer contributes to the way man learns and communicates.

It easy in this world to strive for changes and since lib Introduction Now, in our society all over the world technology is the most important advancement, a necessity in bringing about progress as we move along in this computerized world.

Afterwards, the school administrators process them manually and complied on large bulky file cabinet.

Indeed, the manual Library system is very costly, time consuming and tedious.

The librarian and the library users still use the manual way of transacting of borrowing and returning of books. They use library cards and card catalogues in searching for reading and reference materials.

Objectives of the Study General Objective The objective of the study was to develop a computerized library system that will store the students records such as students basic information, books record, list of borrowers, returned books, borrowed books, and prescriptions of the librarian.

Library, transactions and queries can be created in a single click.

A college strengthens its educational level through the advancement of its library.


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