1860 61 Adam Essay Great Henry Other Secession Winter

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Over 50 people were killed in these confrontations before Kansas was admitted to the Union as a free state in 1861. Untainted by this controversy, his northern heritage, southern sympathies, and his strong advocacy of Manifest Destiny, secured him the party’s nomination for the presidency in 1856.

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He elevated those he considered friendly to his goals and fired or phased out individuals friendly to Douglas.

He and his fellow southern sympathizing Democrats from “free” states became known as “Doughfaces.”The composition of his Cabinet included four members who would later join the Confederate States of America and three northerners who were fellow “Doughfaces.” “For a lonely man, [the Cabinet] had to be friends who would fill his days with conversation, share his dinners, and as later transpired, when their wives were out of town, sleep in the White House.” He let his friendly Cabinet members run their departments with little oversight; several proved to be extremely incompetent and corrupt.

As president, these individuals satisfied his need for companionship. borders from coast-to-coast (“Manifest Destiny”) raised the question of the extension of slavery to the new territories and states; resolving this question increasingly divided the nation.

James Buchanan rarely reached beyond his tight circle of friends for guidance, and the nation suffered. Buchanan advocated “states’ rights,” the strict constructionist position that “Congress has no power…to interfere with or control the domestic institutions of the several states.” By 1856, Buchanan believed that according to the Constitution, the individual states, and by extension the territories, had the right to determine the status of their ‘domestic institutions,’ without federal interference.

After his original owner died, Dred Scott’s new owner moved him to Missouri, where he sued his new owner for his freedom.

Scott argued that his residency in both a free state and territory meant that he should be free.

In 1814, he was elected as the youngest member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for Lancaster County as a Federalist and critic of President James Madison. S House of Representatives in 1821, he never strayed from the national Democratic Party.

During this time, he launched his political career.

Between 1812–1821, Buchanan created a successful and prosperous legal practice.

Buchanan represented Lancaster County in the House of Representatives until 1830. In of marital companionship, Buchanan cultivated dependent friendships with many of his male political colleagues.


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